don’t mind me, just squeakin’ one last Hoge in before the end of the decade.

In the time since last we spoke, I’ve finished school, moved, and finished my first actual contract in the animation industry. It’s been quite a wild time. However, the on/off nature of contract work means I may have more time to be able to work on this comic as well as several other Big Secret Projects I have planned for release in 2020. I’m also planning an overhaul of my Patreon, as well as starting a Ko-Fi tipjar for those interested in supporting my work but not down with the subscription model.

For the time being, I’d like to thank everyone reaching out to express interest in seeing the story continue, my friends offering support with site upkeep and creative advice, the Myriad Cool Pals on the Hogarth Discord and generally anyone interested enough to stick around this long. I try to make this comic for myself, to keep myself creating even when it’s agonizingly slow and laborious, but it does mean a lot to me when people tell me they enjoy the things I make, even in some small fashion. I hope to have much more for you on offer in 2020!