You know funny little bird man, I am beginning to have the feeling you do not have my best interests at heart

Hello friends it’s been (checks watch) just about 9 months since I last updated. The pages I’ve been working on have been of Hogarth climbing up a cliff face, which is very apt for my creative struggles and difficulty motivating myself to draw. That being said, I’m feeling energized and past some travelling I am going to do in October, our Sacred Month of Ghouls, I hope to make the rest of the year a little more productive in terms of pages produced. To everyone who has been leaving nice comments in my absence, your encouragement has been a great motivator and I thank you for your kind words and your patience! I never stop thinking about our little skellyboy, and there’s still much to come. I hope the rest of the chapter will have been worth the wait. Thanks, and have fun